We offer our clients extensive experience in criminal litigation, specifically in cases related to economic activities, due to our extensive knowledge of procedures in operations and transactions of this type, as well as the technical support of a combined team of specialists, who effectively resolve situations related to a wide range of business operations, such as the criminal liability of the members of a certain company.

The specialized lawyers of this firm advise business administrators in the prevention of risks, inappropriate behaviors and activities, as well as in matters related to complaints in difficult and complex matters related to white-collar crimes and/or financial breaches, including the money laundering prevention. Likewise, they assist individuals and entities that have been victims of this type of criminal violations, while recognizing the importance of timely representation in criminal proceedings.

We often offer our clients legal advice and assistance in all matters related to economic crimes, including:

  • Frauds and embezzlement;
  • Corporate crimes;
  • Crimes against the market and consumers;
  • Violations against intellectual property and copyright;
  • Occupational drift;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Check forgery;
  • Tax fraud;
  • Insurance fraud;
  • Bank fraud;
  • Money laundering; and
  • Administrative corruption cases.