Experience. Talent.

Medina Garnes Abogados (MGA) is a boutique law firm founded in the Dominican Republic by Fabiola Medina in 2004, under the name Medina Garnes Asociados. Since then, the firm has gained extensive experience assisting clients in legal matters in the areas of telecommunications, administrative law, tax law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, in recent years, and following a careful and sustainable growth strategy, MGA has managed to expand its practice into new areas of law, developing a broader and more comprehensive legal practice, with an emphasis on providing services with the highest quality standards, efficiently, and focused on solutions.

Our firm has stood out for its participation in important legislative processes.

MGA has the distinction of having become one of the most outstanding law firms in the Dominican Republic, a recognition that has resulted from an extraordinary professional practice, marked by great achievements in many relevant cases, for clients from the private and public sectors. The firm has also stood out for its constant and exceptional participation in recent and important legislative processes tending to the creation and reform of key regulations, which has provided its lawyers with a unique perspective on the functioning of the Dominican regulatory system and its effects on business activities and transactions. However, the most significant accolade for MGA is the continued trust of its clients.

The firm offers a wide range of legal teams made up of specialists in different areas of law. The experience gained by our lawyers enables MGA to handle complex matters through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that draws from all relevant sources within MGA which, while minimizing costs, provides our clients with efficient legal solutions designed to maximize the identification and management of all potential risks.

The experience gained by our lawyers allows MGA to handle complex matters through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

During their years of practice, our attorneys have learned that an essential part of their job is taking the time to know, identify, and understand clients’ needs.

What sets MGA apart from other firms in the Dominican Republic is its fundamental principle: getting to know the client deeply and becoming part of their business in a proactive way, always adding value. During their years of practice, our lawyers have learned that an essential part of their work is taking the time to know, identify and understand clients’ needs, as the only way to truly add value to them in the provision of legal services, whether in the context of an operation, or giving them constructive advice in the form of “preventive medicine”, or sometimes simply keeping them up to date with relevant information on local aspects of their industries.


Year after year we have been recognized by the main international rating firms, obtaining important mentions and being recognized in different areas as a leading firm in the Dominican Republic. Likewise, our lawyers individually are at the top of these lists.

Our values


Our main goal is the trust of our clients; that they can consistently count on a service provided with high quality, in a timely and effective manner.


We believe in talent development as the main competitive advantage. Our lawyers work for excellence in the practice of law.


At MGA we work as a team so that the client is guaranteed a permanent service. We feel like an integral part of the client’s business. Your success is our success.


Our partners are directly involved in the handling of each case to ensure the protection of the best interests of each client. Our commitment entails permanent respect for ethical and deontological standards. We anticipate the risks and identify the objectives, always within the strict framework of the law.