At MGA, we offer our clients a wide range of services in relation to real estate transactions in the country. Our firm has the capacity and experience required to serve as a facilitator in innovative and complex transactions, always taking into account compliance with all legal provisions that may affect these businesses, such as environmental and tax laws, among others. Our clients acquire, sell, finance, rent and develop real estate of all kinds. The real estate law team actively assists national and international clients in:

  • Due diligence processes to determine the legal status of real estate properties in the country (limits, property rights, charges and encumbrances, land use, tax obligations);
  • Purchase and sale of hotels, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, as well as factories and industrial warehouses;
  • Acquisitions of second homes;
  • Agreements on rural properties;
  • Demarcation and use restriction agreements;
  • Investments in companies that own, operate and develop real estate; and
  • “Sale-lease back” operations as well as commercial rentals.