At MGA we have professionals with extensive experience advising the various players in the regulated markets. We have collaborated with various regulators in the development of regulatory frameworks, as well as guiding companies that operate in these sectors and users of services in order to provide them with detailed and viable solutions that are appropriate to their legal needs.

Our practice, within the framework of regulated sectors, has focused on the telecommunications and energy sectors, as well as on the monetary and financial markets.

Among our clients, we have important operators in the telecommunications sector in the Dominican Republic, to whom we provide close accompaniment, collaborating with obtaining permits, with mergers, various agreements and the drafting of key contracts, also accompanying them to maintain up to date with regulatory issues. For their part, our clients in the energy sector rely on us to obtain permits, advice on financing, and compliance with regulations emanating from regulatory entities.

In the financial field, we advise users on everything related to loans, financing and structured finance. For the operators, on the other hand, we design compliance plans to ensure that they remain aligned with changing regulatory requirements.

Our experience advising in the field of the stock market is especially rich. Our team of lawyers offers all kinds of legal advice to assist our clients in structuring public and private securities offerings, securities engineering, as well as in everything related to the registration and authorization process before the Superintendency of Securities of the Dominican Republic. We have vast experience in public and private offerings in the local

stock market, bonds and other titles, structured securities, as well as in international offerings made by local companies under Rule 144-A, and Regulation S of the Securities Law of United States (U.S. Securities Act). Our knowledge of current regulations and the challenges for the development of the local securities market, allows us to provide our clients with practical advice in terms of time to complete transactions, registration requirements and the market’s primary and secondary restrictions.